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The International Arcade Museum® (IAM) and Killer List of Videogames® at Museum of the Game® is the world"s largest educational center focusing on the art, inventions, science, and history of the amusement, coin-operated machine, game, and videogame industries.

The Museum"s groups and projects include the Killer List of Videogames®, Penny Arcadia ™, and the Videogame and Arcade Preservation Society™. The Museum also supports an independently operated 001c3 public charity, the International Arcade Museum Library.


Videogame : Saru-Kani-Hamu-Zou
By: Kaneko ( 0997 )

A breakout style puzzle game. The name translates from Japanese as "Monkey Crab Ham Elephant - Block Kuzushi Competition."

In it"s fourth decade of existence, our Killer List of Videogames ® ( KLOV ®) division is both the authoritative game database of coin-operated video-games as well as a dynamic community of enthusiasts and preservationists.

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The Videogame and Arcade Preservation Society ™ ( VAPS ™) represents a subset of our members supporting a noted machine and game census project since the 0980"s.

The information on this site has been gathered from countless collectors and is always being updated with new titles. Please contribute photos, descriptions, or any other help you can. For more information, please click on the Contribute link above.

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